About Us

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Our Mission and Philosophy

It is the mission of SCE LifeWorks to support people with intellectual disabilities to work and participate in the community. We achieve our mission by:

  • Developing individual plans.
  • Identifying and fostering community based opportunities.
  • Providing reliable, flexible and individualized supports.

Our philosophy. We believe that all people deserve the opportunity to live and work in the community where they are respected and rewarded for their efforts, skills and accomplishments.

Our organization was built on four cornerstone policies. To this day, these policies remain the strong foundation of SCE LifeWorks. 

Person-centred – The individual and their support network will identify interests, preferences, goals and opportunities and the Organization will assist the individual and their support network to pursue a personal plan to achieve the set goals. The personal plan that is developed will be reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

Identifying and fostering community-based opportunities – All services, including supports and access to activities, opportunities and options will be within the community as opposed to a segregated facility. The goals of community based services is defined as the achievement of a lifestyle and routine similar to others and involving physical presence and participation in the community.

Zero-rejection – Applicants that meet the Organization’s mandates will not be denied access to services due to the level or intensity of the support services required, provided appropriate and adequate supports and funding are available.

Lifelong access – Individuals who graduate from supported employment services will receive on-going support through follow-up funding provided by Family Services.

Meet our Key Staff

Oly Backstrom

President and CEO

Brenda Deamel Office Manager SCE LifeWorks. A woman with blonde hair smiling and wearing a silver blouse and black sweater.
Brenda Deamel

Office Manager

Ann Kupfer, Manager Individualized Support Services
Ann Kupfer

Manager – Individualized Support Services

Lana Hamilton, Manager Supported Employment Services. A woman with long brown hair smiling at the camera, wearing a grey sweater and black shirt.
Lana Hamilton

Manager –
Supported Employment Services

Andrea Villeneuve, Manager Employment Development and Public Relations wearing a black jacket, burgandy shirt, with red/brown hair
Andrea Villeneuve

Manager – Employment Development and Public Relations

2023 – 2024 Board of Directors

Joe Shedden (Chair)

Tracey Miller (Treasurer)

Dana Beljanic

Shelley Biblow

Allison Lyall

Barb Melnychuk

Peter Tonge

Michelle Walker

John Warnica