“We hire for attitude…with the right attitude, anything is possible”. Kurt Friesen, President. 

 Corpell’s Water works to ensure inclusion isn’t just a job, but career growth and opportunity.  

Corpell’s Water is committed to providing the purest, best tasting water, and the finest customer service anywhere.  For over 25 years this commitment is at the heart of the company and the over 40 employees who share the statement of culture. 

From his start as an employee in 2018, Jack Hutchings has been provided with opportunities to grow and expand his skills in the Corpell’s environment, is an active team member, and shows immense pride and belonging, from working to train others in his position, to being active in their NHL fantasy league.   

Jack truly embodies Corpell’s statement of culture to achieve excellence through dedication and team work. Jack takes pride in his work, the company and its products. Jack’s attitude is a daily reminder that Corpell’s hiring for good character pays dividends in their fostering of a great work culture.