Frequently Asked Questions

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It is the goal of SCE Lifeworks to work as an extention to your HR environment. We are there to help in both onboarding, training, and offboarding of candidates as they move through your hiring process. 

Some of our most frequently asked questions are listed below. 

Q: Who provides initial training to individuals supported through SCE LifeWorks?

A: SCE LifeWorks works with employers to help onboard each person and assist with initial training to each person supported through our agency at their new work site.

Q: Will SCE LifeWorks provide additional training in the case of a promotion or change in job duties?

A: Our goal is to ensure that your employee is able to do their job. If someone requires additional training, we can provide a Job Coach to retrain your employee.  

Q: Is there training to current employees regarding disability inclusion?

A: We are able to provide training to all of the businesses we are partnered with whether your employee is full time or part time. 

Q: Can we begin this partnership with a work trial?

A: A possiblity of a work trial exists, with a designated time limit for evaluation.

Q: Is there a full time one-to-one support staff?

A: Support from SCE LifeWorks is provided according to the person’s needs and level of independence.    

Q: What happens if staff don’t work out? 

A: An employer is expected to provide reasonable accommodation and an employee to meet work expectations. If there is a need to terminate employment, SCE LifeWorks is available to help with offboarding staff. We expect not all positions will end up as a good fit and are there to assist those staff in moving on to another position.